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Jerry had just received his inheritance and was looking for a safe investment, when someone suggested certificates of deposit. He checked the interest rates but they were not as high as he wanted. Sure, they were safe, and CD ladders were available which would reinvest the money as the CDs matured, but he was afraid that inflationary forces would take over and he would be trapped in an under-performing investment vehicle.

Jerry met with a financial adviser who recommended stocks. But stocks were too risky for Jerry. The adviser then suggested bonds, but with the advice that if interest rates went up, the value of bonds would go down. Again, this was not what Jerry was looking for. He got home that night with financial terms like equities, bonds, CDs, and inflation swirling in his head.

When morning came, the phone range. It was the investment adviser. The adviser had been talking with one of his clients who had an interesting investment. The client was connected with the music industry and had a hot musical act that he was sure would be a huge success. But he needed money for recording and promoting a demo CD. The demo would require hiring a studio, and the promotion would require making a music video and paying for tour expenses.

The two talked for about an hour and Jerry began to like the idea. If he didn't invest in certificate of deposit CDs, maybe he could invest in music CDs. Already Jerry was counting his profits from CD sales. He felt he would practically be a producer, rubbing elbows with up and coming stars in the music industry. The two men arranged to meet with the artist in a week, and concluded their call.

Jerry had a lot of money to invest when he pulled into the mountain villa. Complete with a swimming pool and overlooking the Pacific, it was the perfect setting for a meeting between future music moguls. The other client, his artist, and the adviser were waiting. They listened to a few songs that had already been recorded, and Jerry was impressed. Unfortunately, Jerry had no musical taste, no musical talent, and knew nothing about the business. It was easy for the others to talk him into investing his money into the stock of what would be a start-up music label.
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